Blomfontein Rooibos roots can be found way back just after the second world war in 1949 when the Nieuwoudt family bought the farm Blomfontein which only consisted of a small part of land just under 600 hectares. They lived around a spring that is still on the farm farming with vegetables, sheep and harvesting the little Rooibos that grew wild in the veld. It was not until 1970 that Rooibos was commercially planted and harvested on the farm Blomfontein. Fast forward some 48 years and Blomfontein transformed into a 4th generation tea farm consisting of 6000 hectares of land and 1500 hectares of Rooibos Tea fields being worked by newest technology tractors with auto steer and green energy powering the drying facilities and giving work to 15 families all year round and up to 50 families in certain months of the year.



Rooibos tea is a zero calorie, zero caffeine drink that improves heart health, aids in digestion, and is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties - making it one of the healthiest drinks on earth.

EU Organic: Certificate Z-114941

NOP USDA Organic: Certificate Z-114942


Blomfontein Rooibos can pride itself by using all of its own resources from start to finish and being family run till this day. The process starts usually in December when workers harvests the seeds from the ground beneath the rooibos plant. At around the 15 February each year seedlings are planted in our own nursery and are cared for till the time is right to plant them.


From the June till July is plant time and we only get 2 or maybe 3 chances to plant while the soil is wet enough. To counter that small period of time Blomfontein Rooibos uses GPS technology auto steer tractors and gives work to more than 50 families to hand plant all of our tea. By not using mechanical planters we can provide work to people and also play our part in the community.


Come September month the weeds in starts to take over the fields and sucks all the remaining moisture from the soil and because we use GPS technology in the planting process our rooibos is planted very precise enabling us to use mechanical cultivator to get rid of the weeds as for using herbicides. Blomfontein Rooibos tries to keep the whole process so close to natural as possible and we believe by not spraying any pesticides for the past 10 years we succeeded in letting nature take care of the bad pests that would otherwise destroy the tea.


January through April is harvest time and again we call on help of more than 20 extra labourers to hand harvest our tea and were it is then processed at our own drying facilities. We exclusively hand harvest our tea in order to get the best quality and to provide work to the local community


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